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Hi Nigel, just seen your new website for the regiment, i served in the Worcesters and WFR from 1958 - 1983,

boy and man, never regretted any of it would do it all again.
good luck
colin perry



Old Mate
Hi All looking for a old mate
Mac McCallister he was attatched to 1Dand D in Malta Gillingham and Osnabruck 1970 to 1979 had a Maltease wife called Maria a great lad would like to catch up some time for a few beers thanks in advance
Posted by William Peeke on 24 June 2023
hi all hope all my old mates are ok, sadly danny mellors has passed. also we gave a guard of houour for john brett at his funeral.
god bless all
Posted by brian brown on 30 March 2023
Grand father Thomas J 'Tec' Pomeroy
I am looking for any information or pictures of my grandfather Thomas J Pomeroy aka Johnny or nickname Tec.

He enlisted in 1953 at Norton Barracks (I do believe).
I believe Tec went to Bulford Barracks in about 1955/56 (not sure if he was stationed there or just drove the unit there).

He did go to Germany (not sure of the year though).

As well as driving, he was also the batsman to the higher authority.

Any information or pictures would be well received.
Posted by Scott Pomeroy on 21 January 2023
James (Jimmy) Owen
I am trying to track down James (Jimmy) Owen when I served in the Australian Army in the mid mid 1970's who was ex British Arm in the early 70's and toured Northern Ireland. I remember he said he served in the 1st Battalion. If anyone has contact details of him please let me know it will be very much appreciated.


Barry Goodwin WO1 Retired.
Posted by Barry Goodwin on 16 January 2023
4 WFR C-Coy 1988-92

Would like to know what happened to the following people and if possible, anyone who remembers me and would like to get in touch. I was given the nickname 'Ponchorat' while in Germany, after looking out from under my poncho, looking like sh*t* :-)
I was in C COY 4WFR Haslucks Green Road from 88 - 92
If anyone has pictures of back then, I'd love to see them and any pictures of the TA Centre (which I sadly found out had been demolished).

I now live in Derby. When I was in, I lived in Kings Heath, Birmingham and C Coy 4 WFR was in Shirley, Solihul. My number is 24832190. When I was in, it was between 88 92

I also got one of the ranks of the people I could remember,

Capt McGilvrey (unsure on spelling)
Maj Rashid
C/SGT G Ansermoz (unsure on spelling) (nickname A to Z)
Caffrey (Capt/Maj unsure on rank) I remember he was Irish.
SGT J Dutton
Cpl A McCormac
SGT Brian Arnold
SGT Dutton.
Posted by Peter Maddison on 14 July 2022
Harry Rushton
Posted on 10 June 2022
Titch Byrne
Posted on 06 June 2022
Colours Norton Barracks July 1960
Posted on 27 February 2022
No Title
Posted on 25 October 2021
Posted on 08 July 2021
Tanky Taylor 55
Posted on 11 June 2021
Ronald Herbert Allen (CSM?)
Posted on 31 May 2021
Alan Jenkinson (Jenko)
Posted on 01 May 2021
Paul Edward Vaughan
Posted on 13 November 2020
Kieth Butler
Posted on 23 July 2020
Posted on 07 June 2020
Lawson Arthur Stokes
Posted on 10 May 2020
Raymond Leadbeater
Posted on 28 March 2020
AAC Arborfield 1980
Posted on 28 March 2020
AAC Arborfield 1977
Posted on 12 December 2019
Eric Cosgrove
Posted on 09 September 2019
Thomas John Pomeroy
Posted on 25 March 2019
Charles Goodgroves
Posted on 01 June 2018
Posted on 02 May 2018
Whittington barracks
Posted on 24 March 2018
Looking for someone
Posted on 20 November 2017
Michael McMahon
Posted on 02 November 2017
Posted on 18 October 2017
'Maggot' Hodges Drums Plt
Posted on 16 July 2017
Terrance Michael Kelly
Posted on 23 February 2017
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